• What to do in Florence

    What to do in Florence

What to do in Florence


Florence is redundant with grey and ocre yellow stones, and the celebrated red terracotta roofs and floors. Despite of its apparent homogeneity in color, Florence is a vibrant city, rich with stimulating activities.
Marvel at its alleys, towers, thresholds, and workshops; unbelievably narrow sidewalks contrast with very wide squares; extremely small windows complement monumental loggias. You will be captured by the richness of the details of the city as well as by the splendor of the treasures Florence hosts.
Every corner, every glimpse, every hole in the wall will provide a unique source of inspiration for your photographs.
If, walking around the narrow alleys, you happened to see an doorway left ajar, do not be shy: do look inside. Thus, you will discover where the hidden light of Florence lies, and the fabulous gardens hide (privately owned, you can be sure.) If, while looking at the roofs of Florence from the Dome of Brunelleschi, a shiver rightly runs down your spine, you will have vertigo when, back n the ground, you will consider how many illustrious soles stepped on the same, medieval/ancient cobblestone.
After satiating your eyes by looking at the perfect form of Michelangelo’s David, enjoy the view of the Ponte Vecchio seen from Ponte Santa Trinita, against the backdrop of a romantic sunset. Let your gaze be dragged by the current of the River, and get lost while following the Arno in the horizon, among the hills.

Our tips for best enjoying Florence are simple: look, listen, smell, and taste! And stroll, stroll, and stroll, up until the soles of your shoes allow. Sharpen your senses, and you will certainly be able to capture what the city has to offer.

Florentines: who are they?

Florentine people are lively. They like to talk and their speech is colorful and expressive. While strolling around the city center, you will always encounter some loud, lively exchange between one store front and the other. Florentines are very theatrical, you’ll see it. When they talk about politics, the news, the weather, or when they complain about the bus that is always late, their mood ranges from polemical to ironic. Every topic is an joyful opportunity for them to use their rich baggage of vernacular expressions, a skill that every true Florentine has. The stereotyped Florentine ‘s neva’ happy. The Florentine always finds a reason for arguing.

Do not try to explain to them that you do not understand what they say: to them, their language is THE Language: the official Italian language, as Dante continues to teach since the 14th century.

Refined esthetes with a joyful soul, Florentines are aware their natural elegance when they enjoy the metaphysical pleasure of the view of their Cathedral in the sunset, as well as the far more earthly pleasure of a Florentine steak accompanied by excellent red wine. You might find them a bit snobbish: fare enough! In any case they will fascinate you with their charm.

Visiting Florence

Ok, now you are in Florence. How to orient yourself? Which museum, historic building, or church should you visit? The city is small but at the same time the offer is extremely wide. You might find it hard to choose among history, art, and breath taking views.


Is this your first time in Florence?

Below you will find a few tips about MUST DOs, depending on how much time you have in Florence.

Florence in 24 hours
Florence in 48 hours
Florence in 72 hours


Florence for families

In Florence with children, a family guide to the city, by Touring Club Italiano.

Family Pass: a brief guidebook to museums and dedicated activities for families by Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi.

Print out this special map of the city center, geared to children. They will enjoy being able to actively explore the historic city center with the rest of the family.


Florence and its hills

Florence has a very close relationship with its countryside. Every time he/she has the opportunity, every true Florentine will be happy to escape the refinement of the built up city, and to hide in the surrounding hills.
Enjoy the simple experience of a toasted slice of bread with the newly made extra virgin olive oil.
Even better if you experience it while the sun sets behind the hills, covered by ordered rows vines and olive trees and dotted with agricultural country houses made of stone.

Do not miss the wine: an ideal travel companion for your tours of Tuscany. Wherever you go, a glass of good red wine, ranging from the most refined brand, aged in oak barrels, to the fresh one directly produced in a farm, will make your experience more sublime.

Well, Florentines know what they are doing. How can you resist painting-like landscapes and the delicious local food?

Il Chianti
Map-guide of the territory of Chianti

Territory of Empolese-Valdelsa
Map-guide of the territory of the area Empoli-Valdelsa

The "Renaissance ring:" Trekking among the hills and vineyards surrounding Florence.
Route description - Map

Discover Florentine's vines
The Brief Guide to Wine of the Florence territory, with excursions to the province of Sienna, Prato, and Pistoia


Useful information

Florence card

This card, expiring 72 hours after you activate it, allows you for one free entry into Museums and sites which joined the agreement. By presenting your card at the ticket office, you will be able to avoid both the line and the reservation process, and to access permanent collections, temporary exhibitions as well as to join in the activities taking place at the museum. In addition, over the course of the 72 hours, your card gives you access for free to Florence local public transportation.

Cost of the card: 72 €
To learn more

Guide to museums in the City and in its Province
Florence area - Area of the Provincia of Florence

Exploring the gardens of Florence

Science Museums in Florence


Blog about Florence

And, to conclude with, a small selection of blogs on Florence, will allow you to explore its history, anecdotes and e curiosità.

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