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Ponte di Certosa b&b: Its origins

It is a long but simple story. It is the story of an idea.
The idea has a place and a time. It has a “before” and an “after”.
And it finally has a “now!” It is the story of this idea and of the environment which made it possible: An old country house made of stone, located in the green hills surrounding Florence.
We took inspiration from all aspects of nature around us: Colors, scents, silence, and tastes. It would have been impossible to remain insensitive to all the stimuli to our senses.

From Tuscany, the land which hosts us, we inherited our love and respect for the past, our interest in keeping it alive, in preserving it, in recuperating it, and in valuing it. In our house, every object, piece of furniture, and of cloth has its story and its past, which we do not want to conceal.
On the contrary, we show it and bring it to the present. We gave new life to the objects we found in the homes where we grew up, in the chests of our grand-parents, in the local flea markets, in the forgotten roofs. Everything was there…we simply undusted and polished these objects. We brought them back to life and now they can tell about their story.

In furnishing the house, we worked around every single piece, even before we considered its “final destination.” We got inspiration from the colors and shape of each piece. It was fascinating to see how each room took shape under our eyes. Objects coming from different places of origin harmonized in their new home, taking new life.

This is how we see the making of an interior: creating a new setting in harmony with the present. We did it by re-interpreting the past.

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Via del Ponte di Certosa, 6 - 50124 Firenze

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